HOPE Court - Raleigh NC

What is HOPE?

HOPE (Helping Offenders Pursue Excellence) Court is a voluntary, federal drug treatment court designed for post-conviction individuals who currently suffer from or have a history of substance abuse and/or addiction. HOPE is one of the Eastern District of North Carolina’s (EDNC) drug reentry courts, and is held in Raleigh, North Carolina.

HOPE receives the collaborative support from our office, the EDNC District Court, U.S. Probation Office, U.S. Attorney’s Office, and other agencies who work as a team to provide rehabilitative services. Participants are provided with a support system using incentives and sanctions to promote and target long-term, sustainable, positive change.

HOPE Court is held at the federal courthouse in Raleigh, North Carolina every Thursday, with court sessions starting at 8:00 am. HOPE Court sessions are used to assess the progress of each participant. The HOPE sessions are closed to the public, but participants are encouraged to bring family and friends for additional support. 

The HOPE Court program has four phases, which each participant must complete in order to successfully graduate. The program lasts approximately 12 to 18 months, depending on the participant’s progress. The HOPE team emphasizes honesty and accountability at every phase, which are key to our participant’s goal of sobriety. The program’s focus is on providing the skills needed to be successful on federal supervision and beyond, including treatment, educational, and vocational support. Successful HOPE participants can earn a reduction in time from a supervised release sentence.

More information

 We invite you to watch this video, “Giving HOPE,” about the EDNC HOPE Court Program.

 More information about the EDNC HOPE Court Program may be found within the following brochure

 If you are interested in participating in the EDNC HOPE Court Program, talk to your U.S. Probation Officer and fill out the HOPE Program Referral Form


 To contact the HOPE Reentry Court Advisory Council:  

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